HGTV Steve Ford Age: How Old Is He?

Speaking of HGTV reality TV series actor Steve Ford's age, he is 44 years presently.

The American television personality celebrated his 44th birthday a day ago, on December 5.

Correspondingly, discoursing his height, measurements of Ford's tallness is unavailable.

That being said, Steve Ford has all the earmarks of most probably associating with 6 feet tallness.

Besides that, other precise body measurements of Steve remains obscure.

Is Steve Ford Highlighted On Wikipedia?

Unfortunately, no, Steve Ford isn't highlighted on the mainstream media platform Wikipedia so far.

Notwithstanding that, he is covered by several news outlets, including HGTV.

The American TV personality was born to his father, Mike Ford and his mother, Jackie Ford, in 1977.

Steve is not the only child of his parents but has two siblings; two sisters Leanne Ford and Michelle Ford.

The notable personality of HGTV grew up in Upper St. Clair with his two sisters.

Who Is Steve Ford Wife Or Girlfriend-Is He Married? 

On Sunday, HGTV's Steve Ford's wife married his long-time girlfriend, Andrea Cargil.

The actor reportedly had been in a relationship with Andrea for three years before the marriage.

Steve and Cargil turned their love into the official husband-wife union on December 5, 2021.

The newlywed couple were friends for several years before they started dating each other.

As of now, Steve and Andrea aren't sure where they'll go for their honeymoon.

On November 11, 2021, the actor proposed to Andrea to be his wife.

Reportedly, Steve proposed to her with a grandmother's ring, passed down in his family.

Both of them shares a shared passion for adventure and the outdoors.

The wedding ceremony was held reportedly outdoors at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

Only a small number of immediate friends and family members attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was conducted in a non-traditional wedding way; however, a few wedding norms were followed.

Steve and Andrea are excited and looking forward to living a happy life as a married couple.