How To Check If Your Phone Is Tapped By TikTok? Should I Delete TikTok From Mine Mobile

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How To Check If Your Phone Is Tapped By TikTok? Should I Delete TikTok From Mine Mobile

Issues concerning TikTok are piling up with the recent rumors that it tracks your phone. Is it true? Here is the complete explanation.

It is not the first time that the tension concerning TikTok’s security and privacy are gathering around. There are a lot of rumors that most of the countries will be banning the video networking site, sooner rather than later. 

Among those countries, the United States is in the front line. President Trump has talked a lot about banning the video networking site in America. He believes that the application is providing people’s private information to the Chinese government. 

As per the details, TikTok was the second most downloaded application in 2019, behind Whatsapp. It consists of more than 800 Million active users that engage in the application every day. Mainly targeted to the youths, the application gathered unimaginable fame all around the world. 

But is TikTok really tapping your phones? Is it safe? Is your personal information at stake? You will know soon enough. 

Is your phone tapped by TikTok?

You should know the basic concept of social media before you dive into a conclusion. Social media are generally made on algorithms that target users’ data and use them to encounter with the advertisements the users would admire. 

That’s what every social media site does. They extract your information of course, with your permission. And then they use such information to locate the type of ads that are fit for you. They make such advertisements appear on your profile. 

Hence, both the user and the business provider get to be happy. A win-win for both of them. 

Likewise, TikTok is no different. As you provide your personal data, it uses to provide you with the ads that you adore. So, TikTok is not tapping your phones amidst all the rumors. 

Should I delete TikTok from my phone?

Using TikTok and Using Facebook or any other social media is basically the same thing. it’s just that TikTok is very infamous among different people, they can’t stop talking against it. Using social media is a slight risk but TikTok is no different than others. 

I am not saying that TikTok is completely safe. It extracts your personal information. It has your location and everything that you did inside the application. That’s what every social media sites are all about. 

But Why does TikTok have such an infamous reputation than other social networking sites? 

Probably because it is the only popular app that is made in China. Every other application such as Google, Facebook, Twitter was made in the US. Now, there are a lot of accusations mostly from the Trump administration that TikTok is selling information to the Chinese government. 

The US president has always been vocal with his opinion. He publicly blamed China for the spread of coronavirus. In press conferences, he has talked about banning TikTok more than once. He even said it would be a lesson for China who inflicted coronavirus to the world. 

Also, there were news reports that Amazon urged its employees to delete the TikTok app from their mobile phones due to security and privacy reasons. But the e-commerce company quickly overturned its decision. 

As for the response from ByteDance, the company hasn’t said much about the accusations. It stated that everyone’s data was safe and secure in their headquarters and they wouldn’t provide them to the Chinese government even if they asked for it. 

Looks like it’s uncertain diplomatic relations that are affecting the reputation of this application.

In a nutshell, I don’t think TikTok is tracking your phone as of now. And you obviously don’t need to delete it unless you don’t want to use it. It is pretty much like other social networking sites. But hey, you gotta be careful while using every one of them. 

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