is a follow-up to TikTok. was well-known for its regular release of new music videos.

The song I Can Be Brown I Can Be Blue is currently taking the app by storm, and people are adoring it so much that it's gone viral.

Find more in detail about the song and the trend in this article.

I Can Be Brown I Can Be Blue TikTok Song

The TikTok song 'I can be brown or I can be blue' is going viral, and the people who hear it are enamored with it.

This song, like all the others that have gone viral before it, has a catchy tune and simple lyrics.

To date, hundreds of people have attempted to join the craze started by this song. It's only logical to expect big things from this song in the near future.

If you've seen the video for the song 'I could be brown, I could be blue' on TikTok and wondered what the deal was, you've come to the correct place.

I Can Be Brown I Can Be Blue Lyrics Explained

TikTok never fails to impress us. This software is chock-full of features that have the potential to brighten our day. However, the most important feature of this program is its extensive library of music-related videos.

In the wake of the recent trend of "I might be brown, I could be blue," many people are baffled.

'Grace Kelly' is the name of the song by the musician Mika. Listening to the entire song will give you a decent idea of what's going on here.

There have been 131 million views on the hashtag #gracekelly so far.

As a result, countless individuals have attempted to sing the song in their original tones. Some of these clips are absolutely fantastic.

The lyrics of the song ‘I could be Brown, I could be Blue’ are as follow:

I wanna talk to you!
The last time we talked, Mr. Smith, you reduced me to tears
I promise you it won’t happen again!

Do I attract you? Do I repulse you with my queasy smile?
Am I too dirty? Am I too flirty? Do I like what you like?
I could be wholesome, I could be loathsome, I guess I’m a little bit shy
Why don’t you like me? Why don’t you like me without making me try?

I tried to be like Grace Kelly
But all her looks were too sad
So I tried a little Freddie
I’ve gone identity mad! (Mad, mad, mad!)

I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be violet sky
I could be hurtful, I could be purple, I could be anything you like
Gotta be green, gotta be Mean, gotta be everything more
Why don’t you like me?
Why don’t you like me?