10 Facts About Ilana Shafran

  1. Ilana Shafran is the ex-wife of 'Josh Mandel' who is an American politician. He is currently serving as the 48th Treasurer of Ohio state.
  2. Ilana Shafran's ex-husband, Josh Mandel has tweeted that he is running got the U.S. Senate in Ohio.
  3. Furthermore, Josh Mandel also said in an interview that the charges against Donald Trump are unfounded and the proceeding is unconstitutional.
  4.  How old is Ilana Shafran? Ilana Shafran was born in the year 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela. Ilana Shafran is at the age of 46 years old.
  5.  Josh Mandel's ex-wife, Ilana Shafran does not have her reference on Wikipedia till now. However, Josh Mandel has an account on the Wikipedia page.
  6. As mentioned on Josh Mandel's Wikipedia profile, Ilana Shafran and Josh has 3 children together. The couple got married in the year 2008 and divorced in the year 2020.
  7. The net worth and salary of Ilana Shafran are unknown. However, she belongs to one of the most politically influential and wealthiest families in Northeastern Ohio.
  8. While mentioning her bio, she was born to her parents Joe (father) and Marla Shafran (mother).
  9. She also has two siblings brother named 'Eric' and 'David'.
  10. She is not on any social media platform as she prefers to stay away from social media.