Invadervie Apology Meme Explained 

We'll take a look at her rant, as well as her subsequent apologies, in this piece.

In the video above, she explains to her audience that subscribing to her is affordable and not asking for "20" dollars.

While attempting to explain how '$20' isn't a huge thing, the streamer declares that what she wants isn't the twenty dollars. She continues her rage about how 'every twitch watcher is supposed to have $10 and then adds the following.

As if that weren't enough, she goes on to state that $5 is equivalent to a maximum of 10 "dollars" in whatever "currency" you're using. That statement is not only rude but also incredibly ignorant.

You'd think she'd understand that wasn't the smartest thing she'd said, but that doesn't always happen.

To top it off, she mocks viewers who leave comments, referring to them as "immature children" and "cheapskates." Finally, viewers were enraged since these remarks were made during a global pandemic.

Cod Montage Video On Reddit

Invadervie issued a detailed apology a few days after the incident. She added that she understands and realizes how tone-deaf she is and takes responsibility for her remarks.

She went on to say that the words were not a true reflection of her ideas, and she appeared sincere in her apology. You may see the complete apology in the video below and make your own decision.

How Old Is She?

Invadervie's current age is calculated to be thirty years old. Her date of birth is April 29, 1990. Taurus is her zodiac sign, according to her birth date. 

She is of mixed heritage and possesses Canadian citizenship. She was born in the country of Canada.

The names of her father and mother are unknown. She also has siblings. She is well-educated in terms of education.