Is Addison Rae Pregnant? Addison Rae Is Not Drowned and Dead, Her Rumors Explained

Is Addison Rae Pregnant? Addison Rae Is Not Drowned and Dead, Her Rumors Explained

There are a lot of news regarding the Tiktok star, Addison Rae. Are they true or fake?

Being a social media celebrity is not as easy as people may think. Along with all the fame, one has to deal with all the critics and negative comments. And people on the social media do not miss a chance to criticize someone.

It has been one of the negative perks of the social media despite its world changing evolution. The fame and ruins are just separated by a thin line and that line can be manipulated so easily. 

We have seen so many celebrities having their reputation destroyed by a single comment. It’s really harsh on them. One has to have opinion and they are often judged by the same opinion. 

It is said correct whatsoever, “Think before you speak.” But the law seems to quote the only ones that are in the spotlight. The fans and haters speak whatever they want about celebrities but it can’t happen otherwise. If someone does so, they are instantly attacked by nasty and ridiculous comments. 

The recent victim of similar incident is Addison Rae. The tiktok star has around 50 million followers on the video networking site, the second most after Charlie DeAmelio. However, the twitter users have slammed her with the negative comments and rumors. 

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Have you heard the rumors about Addison Rae? About her pregnancy? News about her death? Are they true or fake? 

Is Addison Rae pregnant?

Even though there are intensive rumors of Addison Rae all over the social media, the rumors are completely fake. They are spread by the haters who cannot justify themselves ahead of the influencers like her. 

The rumors of her being pregnant seem very prolific on twitter. But she is not pregnant at the moment. 

The exact cause of such rumors are still being tracked. Addison has been pretty inactive on the social media for the past few days. And people started assuming she is pregnant. Absolute Shame. Can’t a person have her personal life? 

This hasn’t happened for the first time. Many social media influncers have been forcefully sandwiched between their social media life and personal life. And the social media users who burn with jealousy are mostly responsible for this shameful act.

Addison Rae is not drowned. She is neither in hospital nor dead. 

The twitter users didn’t stop at a single rumor, did they? Rumors started flying over after there weren’t any reactions from the Tiktok star. People showing their true colors, not much surprise though. 

Rumors about Addison came thick afterwards. The rumor of her jumping from a bridge went viral on twitter. The users attacked her with more rumors which are untrue. The tiktok star didn’t jum off the bridge, nor she is drowned or dead. 

She is completely safe in her own home and taking some quality time for herself. No wonder, she has been broken with all these negative comments and attacks over her. 

The rumors have been spread by a website named “Channel22News.” However on twitter, it is spread by the brainless social media users just to get back at her. 

The people on twitter have been using fellow tiktok star, Bryce Hall and accusing him of starting the fake rumor. The fans have attacked him by saying that he called Addison Rae pregnant in his live video but the tiktoker has denied the allegations. 

Addison’s fans on twitter and all around social media are very angry with the rumors. Its understandable. The critics may be implying that she is getting fat by telling her she is pregnant. 

Anyways, there has not been any response from the Tiktok star yet. And let’s all hope it won’t affect her mental health and she will come stronger. 

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