Is Alison Hammond Pregnant 2021?

No, Alison Hammond is not pregnant. But it was Emma, the deputy editor of ‘This Morning’ who became a mother.

Alison along with her ‘This Morning’ co-host Dermot O’Leary announced the exciting news on Friday while Alison seemed bit overjoyed by the arrival of new baby.

The actress revealed the big baby news following up with the name and the weight of the new born.

Mia, weighing at 7lbs. 9oz was welcomed on Monday.

Meanwhile, viewers are not enthusiastic about the exciting news while one of the neitizens tweeted ‘Random news about some woman having a baby’.

Alison Hammond Weight Loss Details

Alison Hammond has been vocal about her weight loss in multiple occasions.

The 46-year-old presenter revealed that her mother’s health battle motivated her to lose some weight.

While, she was chubby since her early childhood and a massive foodie, Hammond has focused on her weight loss now as she is highly alerted with pre-diabetes diagnosis.

She goes for a walk and has cut out sugar as well. Besides that, Hammond had decided to get a gastric bad to cut out her weight after she was helped to stand from a broken chair.

With her newly trimmed body, she had revealed that people are being nicer and has paid more attention towards her.

Alison Hammond Husband And Children Detail

Alison Hammond’s ex-husband is Noureddine Boufaied.

Boufaied was a cab driver from Manchester and a father of her 16-year-old son Aidan Hammond.

Detail regarding the couple’s separation is left unnoticed to the public. The actress was quiet about the father of her child even at the time they were married.

Boufaied’s current status is left unknown.

The presenter later found herself to be in love with security guard Jamie Savage as they were engaged in 2014. Their relationship lasted for 3 years.