Is Attaway General On Netflix? Where To Watch, Cast, Reviews 2020

Is Attaway General On Netflix? Where To Watch, Cast, Reviews 2020

Is Attaway General On Netflix? If you have a question about this show and if it’s on Netflix, I have everything you need to know about it. A bunch of Tiktok stars and internet stars are gathered to make a show about teenage people and you would immediately think that Netflix has acquired it.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble but you can’t watch this series on Netflix. However, you don’t have to be so disheartened about it because you can see this show on BratTV.

Is “Attaway General” On Netflix?

Attaway General is a cool name for a TV show and I’ll confess I thought it was a Netflix Show when I first heard about its name, plot, and stars. Web stars and TikTokers populating the cast of the show, group of teens volunteering at the local hospital… This show had Netflix written all over it.

However, in actuality, you can’t stream it on Netflix. It could be bought by Netflix but that will happen only if Netflix thinks it could benefit from the show.

Where Can I Watch Attaway General?

Where Can I watch Attaway general? Has this question bothered you? Well, I have all the answers regarding this show.

Attaway General is produced by BratTV- Gen Z focused digital production house. You can check out episodes of General  Attaway on the YouTube page of BratTV. The popularity of this is gradually increasing as there is 4.9 million views on its first episode.

So, go ahead, grab a bucket of popcorn, and enjoy the show on Brat TV.

Attaway General Cast

There are many cast members of the show. Some featured in fewer episodes than the others but here is the complete list of the cast of Attaway General:

  • Dixie D’Amelio
  • Griffin Johnson
  • Lauren Kettering
  • Diego Martir
  • Madi Monroe
  • Eric Montanez
  • Gabby Morrison
  • Dean Testerman
  • Sharayu Mahale
  • Roshell Mckevie
  • Kylee Ryan
  • Isabella Ersoz
  • Connor Esterson
  • Andrey Swilley

That makes the list of the cast of this show. The most popular draw has to be Dixie D’Amelio who has 11.6 million followers on Instagram.

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Likewise, Griffin Johnson is another eye candy who is carrying the show and drawing the teenagers in to watch the show.

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Attaway General Release Date And Trailer

The trailer looks promising and very enticing. That’s all I can say. The show released on May 20, 2020. The information about the new season is not available now. But if enough people like the first season, the second season will be made.

I mean Grey’s Anatomy has 23 seasons because the show is so good. It all depends on the people’s verdict.

How Many Episodes of General Attaway Are There?

As mentioned on the IMDB page, the show has 5 episodes and all of them are available to view on Brat TV. We have no idea if the new season will appear or not and if the number of episodes will remain the same or not?

But, the first season of General Attaway has 5 episodes.

Reviews Of General Attaway

The reviews of General Attaway hasn’t been positive and expected to the stars of the show and Brat TV. For 137 reviews on the IMDB page, it has 1.4 stars out of 10 which isn’t very good. Some of the users have commented on the show as being “Garbage as hell”.

As you can young people- the targeted audiences of this show don’t like it. I don’t mean to say that this show is universally hated but we all know where the public opinion is tilted towards. The public says “Make Better Shows”. Hopefully, stars and BratTV can learn something and make something good in the future.

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