Is Brian Landry dead?

Brian's fiancee Gaby Petito was also reportedly missing.

Brian and Gaby went on a road trip. Nearly a week gone by of the road trip, Brian came back to Florida alone leaving Gaby back on September 1.

After 10 days of time interval, Gaby's family reported a missing case.

WIth Gaby missing, Brian the only person of interest in this case is also missing. According to reports, Brian is missing since 14 September when he left for a hike.

Police are searching for Brian in the Cartlon reserve in Florida Sarasota County with the assist from dogs and drones.

According to reports, there isn't much information about Brian's missing case. 

Although Gaby is found dead and forensic reports claim the cause of death as a homicide.

Did they find brian Laundry? Is he alive?

Brian is still missing and police are still trying hard to find him.

On August 12, police in Utah reported a case of domestic violence involving a couple. The reports claim that Gaby was crying and explaining having issues with her mental health.

The couple was frequently fighting with each other. Brian even claimed that Gaby abused him physically during an argument.

Police haven't still found Brian and he still is considered missing.

With no dead body found at the moment, Brian is still considered as alive.

As there haven't been any reports to justify the death of brian.

Brian Laundry and Family Net Worth

Brian's parents owned their business from their home in Wabasso avenue, Nort Port Florida.

Their business Juice Services Inc. runs from their home which involves wheatgrass, oranges, and vegetable juicers.

Their business is mainly centered on juice refreshments.

Brain's parents' net worth is estimated at 5 million US dollars. 

While Brians's net worth isn't confirmed by any trusted sources.

His main source of income is being a craftsman, model, and TV personality. Comparing the average income of these professions his net worth must be somewhere on top which he can cherish.

With Combined fortune, Brian and his parent's net worth is well above 7 digits marks in terms of millions.