Is Camilo Madrigal Genderfluid? Encanto Gender Boy Or Girl

Fans suspected Camilo Madrigal from Encanto to be a genderfluid. Most of his fans tweeted his posts saying he is genderfluid icon and could count him as canon.

As per Disney Wiki, Camilo is a young Colombian boy; born to the Madrigal family as the middle child of Pepa and Felix.

Camilo Madrigal is a fun-loving, and energetic teenager who is more extroverted than his older sister and his timid younger brother. 

Camilo Madrigal is very tender, sweet, and responsible. He loves his family and treats his emotional mother in a soothing manner to calm her down.

Madrigal has a charming attitude and goofs terms with many of the townsfolk. He enjoys eating foods especially by his aunt Julieta.

Camilo Madrigal Sexuality Questions, Fans Theory On Gay Or Homosexuality

Since the release of Encanto, Camilo Madrigal is one of the most loved characters among the audience. He has been appreciated as a fun character and jolly nature.

Most of the fans suspected Camilo Madrigal's character as a genderfluid. Fans are still questions regarding his sexuality though he was portrayed as a boy in the film.

Some call him a gay man as he can shapeshift into both boy and girl but  nothing related to his sexuality has been mentioned in the film.

In the film, Camilo Madrigal has the ability of shapeshifting; he enjoys trying different personas and playing pranks on his relatives. In addition to that, he is more extroverte than his two siblings.

What Is Camilo Madrigal Eye Color?

Camilo Madrigal has a green eye color with dark tints on his eyelids. Talking about his appearance, he has a slender build, light golden-brown complexion with curly, dark auburn hair.

Moreover, Camilo has freckles across his nose and cheeks. He usually wears a white long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and sometimes a yellow ruana with darker yellow streakers, black pants, and black sandals with white etchings.

Rhenzy Feliz Is 24 But How Old Is Camilo? Older Than Dolores?

Camilo Madrigal's character was given the voice of actor Rhenzy Feliz in the film Encanto (2021). He described his character as a little crazy, a little dramati,c and entertaining. 

Rhenzy Feliz is a young American actor of 24 years of age; born on 26 October 1997. On the other hand, his character 'Camilo' is 15 years old.

Camilo is younger than his sister, Dolores, and elder to his younger brother, Antonia. He is the second-oldest cousin of Mirabel.