Is Don Martindale Related To Wink Martindale? Reason For His Nickname ‘Wink’ Explained

Is Don Martindale Related To Wink Martindale? Reason For His Nickname ‘Wink’ Explained

Is Don Martindale Related To Wink Martindale? He earned his nickname ‘Wink’ during his college days. Read this article to know his age, wife, and interesting history of his nickname.

Don Martindale is a renowned football coach from America. He is currently steering the National Football League club Baltimore Ravens as a defensive coordinator.

He was in charge of the Raven’s linebackers from 2012 and was promoted to defensive coordinator after six years in January of 2018. Martindale was himself a linebacker in his college days and knows the game inside out.

Furthermore, he embarked on his coaching career in 1986 by accepting an offer from Defiance. Since then, Martindale has been perpetually working as a coach for more than 35 years.

Don Martindale is often referred to as Wink and his nickname is surprisingly not due to his eyesight.

The veteran football coach was nicknamed Wink after Winston Wink Martindale, an American jockey, radio, DJ, and game host who hosted multiple shows from 1972.

He shared that he earned this nickname during his college days. Martindale hosted game shows when he was still playing college football and people started referring to him as Wink.

On top of that, he also shared his last name with the famous game host of the era Winston Wink Martindale.

Don Martindale Wife: Who Is His Partner?

Don Martindale is happily married to his dearest wife Laura.

Laura and Don are match-made in heaven as they have completed over thirty years of togetherness.

Moreover, they have been blessed with two children since their marriage.

Martindale is father to son Ty and daughter Cassie.

Don Martindale Net Worth

No reputed media sources have not discussed Don Martindale’s net worth till now.

However, we speculate his entire fortune to be approximately $3 million after reading various online reports. Also considering his 35-year long coaching career into consideration, it is not far-fetched to estimate the above value, as it could be even more.

Furthermore, it has also come out that his current three-year deal with the Ravens will make him the highest-paid coordinator in the NFL.

Don Martindale Wikipedia and Age

Don Martindale is a renowned coach who is featured on Wikipedia page, featuring his numerous successful career achievements.

His coaching CV includes one of the most incredible achievements of winning the Super Bowl XLVII.

Moving on, Don Martindale is 58 years of age.

He was born on May 19, 1963, and grew up in Dayton, Ohio. The footballing genius went to Defiance College and belongs to American nationality.