Is Kitty Dimbleby On Wikipedia?

As per the biography of Kitty Dimbleby, she was born and raised in Bath, England, United Kingdom.

Even though Kitty has been a journalist for over ten years, she is yet to make it onto the official domain of Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, she has written for many popular news domains including The Times, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, and Metro.

Dimbleby has also contributed to several middle-market newspapers and online news sources like the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, and Mail On Sunday.

Similarly, She is currently a board member for Dimbleby Cancer Care, a charity that has changed its name to Cancer Care Map.

Who Is Kitty Dimbleby Husband Eddie Hodges?

Kitty Dimbleby is married to Eddie Hodges. 

Speaking of Eddie Hodges, he is a major in the King's Royal Hussars. Hodges is a major with the second battalion, an armored infantry regiment based in Tidworth, Wiltshire.

Kitty and Dimbleby appear to have been married for a long time. They currently live in the army garrison town of Tidworth, Wiltshire, with their children.

Furthermore, the couple has two children, one of whom is a daughter and the other a son.

Kitty Dimbleby Parents and family details?

Kitty Dimbleby comes from a middle-class family, as both of her parents are journalists.

Her father, Jonathan Dimbleby, was an emcee on Radio 4's Any Questions, and her mother, Bel Mooney, was a Daily Mail writer and journalist.

But sadly, her parents Jonathan Dimbleby and Bel Mooney got divorced in 2003 because of some unknown reasons.

Kitty and her brother Daniel suffered greatly as result of this. Despite the fact that they were over the age of 20, they stated that their parents' divorce had left them heartbroken.

What Is Kitty Dimbleby Age?

Kitty Dimbleby is around 41 years of age. 

She is also an outgoing person who enjoys traveling, particularly with her husband and children.

In terms of physical appearance, she is a woman of average stature with blonde hair. 

Kitty is deeply committed to the charitable organization Help for Heroes, where she has spent the last year as a member of their media department. She contributes to the charity's quarterly magazine called Heroes.