Is Preet Chandi Married To Partner David Jarman? 

Preet Chandi has been in a long-term relationship with her partner David Jarman, although the two have yet to marry.

David is an army reservist in the British Army, which leads us to believe that the two met at work.

Even though their relationship is well-known, the couple does not seem to talk about it much.

Similarly, They haven't even shared any photographs of one other on their social media profiles. 

However, Since Preet and David are already engaged, many of their friends and family members are eagerly awaiting their wedding announcement. 

Preet Chandi Net Worth Explored

Newsunzip says that Preet Chandi sits on a net worth of about $3 to 4 million dollars. 

As per the data available on myjobsearch, the average salary of an army physiotherapist is £45,090. 

That being said, based on Preet's three years of experience, it is reasonable to expect her earnings to exceed £50,000. 

In the Meantime, based on her social media accounts, we can confirm that she lives a very healthy and active lifestyle. 

Preet Chandi Age And Wikipedia Details 

According to Wikipedia, Preet Chandi is currently 32 years old. 

Chandi fell in love with tennis as a child and aspired to make a career out of it. She even left Surry Tennis School to attend Jiri Novak Tennis School in the Czech Republic.

However, for whatever reason, she lost interest in tennis and returned to her native country to finish her education. Following that, the army women began running marathons and ultra-marathons. 

Preet got enlisted in the Army Reserves at the age of nineteen. And after a few prosperous years, she joined the British Army at the age of twenty-seven. 

Preet Chandi Career And Family Facts

Preet Chandi started her career as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist at National Health Service.   

She got a Territorial Army rank as a colonel in the Royal Army Medical Corps as a lance corporal in 2013. 

Then, in 2016, she was promoted to captain, allowing her to serve as a Clinical Training Officer with the three Medical Brigades. 

Preet has served in Nepal, Kenya, and South Sudan, in addition to the United Kingdom. She was stationed in these nations as part of a UN peacekeeping mission.

When it comes to her family, Chandi was born into a Sikh family. Her parents are said to be Indian immigrants.