Robert was the younger brother of 35th Us president John F Kennedy.

They were a family of 11, along with their parents.

Robert F Kennedy Family

Robert was born to Joseph P Kennedy Sr and Rose Fitzgerald. He had eight siblings, all of whom were prominent figures in the American political scenarios.

The last of his sibling, Jean Kennedy Smith, died in 2020.

His brother John F Kennedy was probably the most vital figure as he became the 35th president of the United States.

Robert and his wife, Ethel, had 11 children, several of whom became politicians and activists.

The Kennedy family was said to have been inflicted with the 'Kennedy Curse', following the deaths of several Kennedy family members in mysterious fashion.

Robert F Kennedy Net Worth

It is believed that Robert had a net worth equal to $100 million at his death in 1968. It is a considerable sum of money if we compare it to present times.

The Kennedys were a wealthy democratic family, and Robert's father Joseph had made a massive fortune by investing in a business and real estate during World War I.