Isko Moreno Scandal- Was He Wearing Bikini?

Isko Moreno's recent scandal regarding his sexy photos has raised doubts and queries in netizen's minds. 

Was He An Underwear Model? Perhaps, he was a model, but it's not confirmed if he was an underwear model or not.

According to Rappler, Moreno has been candid about his past acting career. His past life history in showbiz is like an open book in the media. 

As being a part of the film industry, he has to perform his roles as per the storylines or script.

President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte hits his past sexy photos and supposed "disorder" at the mayor's vaccination sites. We can watch their live interviews at the given link.

As a matter of fact, his sexy pictures have been used by rival parties in other elections as well.

Isko Moreno Young Photos Has Sparked An Issue

Isko Moreno's young photos have kindled a severe issue in politics. However, he has participated in various campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Nevertheless, he received a certificate of recognition from DILG for its "efficient and timely completion of the distribution of Ayuda." on June 30, 2021.

Moving on to his married life, Moreno's wife Diana Lynn Ditan was a businesswoman. Since 2000, the duo is living peacefully along with their five children in Manila. In other words, he is a family man.

Discussing his financial records, Isko Moreno's actual net worth is behind the radar now. Some online source claims that his salary earning might have six figures. 

According to our research, Rep. Mikee Romero is the richest member of Congress. He has a net worth of ₱6.5 billion.