Izzy Bee Age: Meet Koala World Caretaker On Instagram

Izzy Bee Age: Meet Koala World Caretaker On Instagram

Izzy Bee at a young age is popular as Koala World Caretaker. She has been living her whole life at the vet clinic of her mother.

She has been bonding with Koalas ever since she was born.

Izzy has starred in her own Netflix Series, Izzy’s Koala World. She is affectionately known as “the Koala Whisperer.”

Izzy’s Koala World is produced by Nomadica Films and was premiered on September 15, 2020. Besides, a second series premiered on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

The series mainly aims at children viewers. Izzy and her family hope the series can remind people of how precious wildlife is, especially after the devastating bush fires swept through Australia past year. 

Izzy Bee Age

Izzy Bee is 13 years of age as of 2021.

However, we are unsure of when she celebrates her birthday.

Izzy has been brought up at her mother’s animal clinic ever since she was just five weeks old.

And now, when she’s in her teenage, we can see her preserving wildlife and the environment.

Undoubtedly, she has been an inspiration to many of us.

Who Are Izzy Bee Parents?

Izzy Bee was born to parents Ali Bee and Tim Bee.

Ali Bee, her mother, is the Veterinarian and runs the clinic, and Tim Bee, her father, runs a beach hire business. 

Izzy holds an Australian Nationality, but we’re unknown about their ethnicity.

The family of three runs a clinic on Australia’s Magnetic Island that rescues and rehabilitates injured and orphaned Koalas.

Ali and her partner didn’t think they’d ever have children, which is why they came up with the animal clinic. However, five months later, Ali was pregnant with Izzy.

Meet Koala World Caretaker On Instagram

Izzy Bee is on Instagram as izzyskoalaworld.

She has more than 4200 followers, and we could see her admirers leaving supportive comments on her posts.

Furthermore, she generally posts about Koalas, like feeding when, cleaning them up, and so on.

Izzy Bee Wikipedia and Net Worth

Bee herself is not on Wikipedia.

However, there is one for the Izzy’s Koala World docuseries.

Also, we’re naive about Izzy Bee Net Worth as of now.

Izzy, along with her parents, might have a substantial amount of net worth as many of them has donated for their animal clinic.

Moreover, she is also raising funds to build a Koala Hospital in Magnetic Island. You can find the link to the donation right here