Jack Mallers Girlfriend

Information about Jack Mallers's girlfriend is not available.

Actually, we even don't know whether he is dating anyone or not. He has never spoken about his girlfriend and relationships.

However, our sources are working on it, and as soon as we find anything about his dating life, we'll update it for you.

What Is His Net Worth?

Mallers's exact net worth is not known.

However, we do know that his net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Being a founder and CEO of a well-known company, he definitely makes good earnings.

You can find Jack Mallers on Twitter @JackMallers.

Jack Mallers Parents And Family

Jack Mallers was born to his parents, Bill Mallers and Brooke Mallers.

Information on his other family members is not available.

Both of his parents are investors in Bitcoin. Moreover, his parents also invest in the Cannabis industry.

Because of his parent's investment in Bitcoin, he got a perfect opportunity to learn about it in-depth and establish a company to deal with Bitcoin.

Jack Mallers Age: How Old Is He?

Jack Mallers's age is yet to be known.

Until now, Mallers hasn't shared any information about her age and birthday details. However, we know that he is in his twenties.  You can also find his profile on Forbes under 30 section.

Mallers was born and raised in his hometown in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and holds American nationality. Other details on his bio are not available.