James Bimmy Antney Wikipedia, Age and Net Worth: Everything To Know About

James Bimmy Antney Wikipedia, Age and Net Worth: Everything To Know About

James Bimmy Antney’s details have not been updated on Wikipedia yet.

James can be recognized as the unofficial Hip Hop don who has witnessed the musical genre grow from the initial phase. He is not a Hip Hop artist himself but a businessman in this industry for a long time.

James Bimmy Antney Wikipedia Explored

James Bimmy Antney is such a huge character in the Hip Hop industry, but Wikipedia has not mentioned him. However, we can find his short bio on Pininterest, from where we came to know that he is originally from Queens, New York, USA.

Moreover, he is also popular for being the uncle of Waka Flocka, a viral American rapper. He had first came into the limelight as a drug dealer, and later, he became one of the Supreme Team‘s infamous members. 

Bimmy’s Age: How Old Is He?

James Bimmy Antney’s current age remains unknown. However, we have come to know that he is currently around his fifties, just like his sister Deb who is currently 59 years old.

According to his Facebook profile, James is currently single. This means that he never got married, and hence, there is nothing to know about his wife and children right now. In fact, we do not know if he will marry anytime soon; maybe he has planned not to marry his whole life as he is already in his fifties. 

Everything To Know On James Bimmy Antney Net Worth

As a business person, it’s evident that Bimmy has an approximate net worth of millions. However, the exact amount of his net worth has not been revealed yet.

Currently, he is busy managing the famous recording label called Mizay Entertainment, alongside Deb. He is also managing other recording labels like Ground Up Records, Brick Squad Monopoly Records, 1017 Brick Squad Records, Cartel Music Group, and Arrogant Music Group

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