Jamie Jungers Age, Wikipedia Bio And Instagram: Where Is She Now?

Jamie Jungers Age, Wikipedia Bio And Instagram: Where Is She Now?

Jaime Jungers is a 37-year-old former American model who made a name for herself in the general public’s eye after it was revealed that she was a mistress of the mega-popular golf player Tiger Woods in 2009. 

Jaime Jungers was among a host of other women who came forward and talked about their relationship with Woods. However, among all the other Jaime was the first who appeared and confirmed her relationship on live television.

Jungers was struggling with heroin addiction in 2018 and was also featured on an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, hence entered KISA Life recovery a rehabilitation center later that same year, and has remained sober since then.

Quick Facts: Jamie Jungers Age, Wikipedia Bio And Instagram: Where Is She Now?

Name Jamie Jungers
Birthday March 9, 1983
Age 37
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 62kgs
Nationality American
Instagram @jamiesuejungers

10 Facts about Jaime Jungers

  1. Jaime Jungers was born on March 9, 1983, and her age as of January 2021 is exactly 37 years old.
  2. Jaime Jungers was known to the general public as one of Tiger Woods’ mistress after the actor got exposed by many women in 2009.
  3. As of January 2021, Jaime doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page but is mentioned on Tiger Woods’ page.
  4. She has been fairly active on Instagram after taking a hiatus in 2019. Jaime Jungers’ Instagram is @jamiesuejungers, she has 1,726 followers, 1,195 followings with 77 posts.
  5. Jaime Jungers now lives in Sedan, Kansas, the US with her dog who is named Apple. She has not revealed the details of her family.
  6. After her confession about her relationship with Woods, Jaime has had run-ins with the law on three different occasions in 2011, 2015, and 2018.
  7. According to The Sun, She was featured in the show Dog the Bounty Hunterwhere she was caught in Las Vegas and handed over to the police as she was a fugitive.
  8. After that debacle, she entered KISA life recovery a rehabilitation center in Kansas, and since then graduated from the institute and works there as a helper.
  9. There is no official data available about her marriage or husband but she has mentioned on her Instagram bio that she loves Brandon Wyatt.
  10. Jaime has been working at the KISA life recovery for nearly two years and even though there is no data about her net worth it can be estimated that she makes a healthy living.

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