Jasmine White Issue On TikTok And Twitter

Other concerns have been made (mainly on furious Twitter) over the live-action Jasmine casting.

Similarly, there are people making videos on TikTok about this controversy.

Her nation of birth, for example, has been a source of contention.

While some say Jasmine is Arab because the film starts with the song Arabian Nights, others feel Jasmine is Indian because the architecture of Agrabah is obviously based on the Taj Mahal.

It's a dispute that's sparked conjecture that Indians and Arabs are indistinguishable in Hollywood.

However, because Agrabah is a fictitious kingdom established by a group of white authors and producers in the 1990s, all of these arguments may be moot.

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It's a mash-up of anything vaguely "strange" from the world's sandiest corners, including, but not limited to, magic carpets, tigers, sultans, genies, and, ostensibly, female tyranny.

The film's clothing design is likewise perplexing, blending kaftans with shalwars and a medieval harem girl that can only be characterized as Party City's take on a medieval harem girl.

The objective of Hollywood to become more awakened is not doomed, but regrettably, it is up to the performers to educate production firms on such matters.

Jasmine White Scandal

In an interview with Vanity Fair, biracial and light-skinned actress Amandla Stenberg declined a role in Black Panther, stating, "There are areas I should not take up."

While Scott is undeniably skilled, her "fair and gorgeous" choice sparked a bigger discussion about Hollywood's long-standing colorism problem.

This version of Princess Jasmine checks all the boxes for casting a woman of color in Hollywood: a name that's simple to pronounce and looks white enough.

People are asking why is it so simple to locate a dark brown or Middle Eastern lady to play the wife of a terrorist or an extra number four in episodes like Jack Ryan or Homeland, yet casting directors and casting agencies are baffled when it comes to casting a Disney princess.