Jean-Marc Vallee Suicide Or Accident: How Did He Die?

Jean-Marc Vallee may or may not have committed suicide but he passed away in his cabin.

Vallee died unexpectedly outside Quebec City, Canada in his cabin. As of now, nobody knows except his close personnel if his death is an accident or a suicide.

After the news, of his demise, hit social media, fans are wondering if the acclaimed filmmaker had passed away after committing suicide.

However, the detail regarding his demise is uncovered as of now.  

Further information on what led to his demise, his health issues prior to his death are left undisclosed at the moment.

The Canadian officials and his family have decided to keep their lips tight.

Jean-Marc Vallee Cause Of Death And Obituary Details

Jean-Marc Vallee's cause of death is not known.

While he is reported to have died unexpectedly at his cabin outside Quebec City, Canada, Vallee’s cause of death is yet to be uncovered.

The Canadian filmmaker was born in Montreal, Quebec, and was raised along with 3 siblings.

C.R.A.Z.Y-fame director completed his studies on filmmaking at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

Vallee's obituary is yet to be published. Further detail regarding his burial ceremony is not announced as well.

Jean-Marc Vallee was born on March 9, 1963, and passed away on December 26, 2021.

Jean-Marc Vallee Wife And Net Worth

Jean-Marc Vallee divorced his wife Chantal Cadieux in 2006 and but was survived by his children Alex Vallee and Emile Vallee at the time of his death.

Chantal, the mother of Alex and Emile is a professional writer from Canada. She was married to the late Vallee in 1990 and separated after 16 years of togetherness.

Vallee had a net worth of $10 million. The creator of Emmy and the Golden Globe-winning series ‘Big Little Lies’, Vallee was a decorated filmmaker whose talent ranged from being a director, editor, screenwriter, and actor.

His latest release was ‘Sharp Objects’ and was set to direct the HBO series ‘Gorilla and the Bird’.