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Jeanette Jara studied Public Administration at the University of Santiago de Chile and subsequently law at the Central University of Chile's Faculty of that subject.

She went on to the University of Santiago de Chile to pursue a master's degree in public administration.

Jara began her political education in 1989, joining the Communist Youth of Chile (JJCC), where she was engaged for ten years until entering the Communist Party in 1999, where she served on the Central Committee.

In 1997, as a student dirigent, she was elected president of the University of Santiago's Student Federation (Feusach).

Rodrigo Peailillo, then head of the Bo Bo University Federation, and former Minister of the Interior Rodrigo Peailillo were also present on this occasion and that year.

She went to work for the Internal Revenue Service (SII) after finishing her degree as a public administrator, where she worked as a base worker until 1999 when she was promoted to inspector and grade 11.

She was also a member of the "Association of Inspectors of the SII" and a union leader there ( AFIICH).

Carlos Insunza, another communist union official and president of the National Association of Fiscal Employees (ANEF), was a personal friend of her in the organization.

Jeanette Jara Age - How Old Is She? 

In the year 1974, Jeannette Alejandra Jara Román was born in Conchal so her age is currently 48 years old.

Jeanette was born in the village of El Cortijo, in the commune of Conchal, in 1974, and is a resident of Santiago.

Jara is the mother of a son and the daughter of coach Sergio Elas Jara Ulloa and Jeanette del Carmen Román Guzmán.

Jeanette ran for mayor of Conchal in the municipal elections of 2021 but was defeated in second place by the incumbent mayor, René de la Vega.

She has been the municipal administrator of Santiago since July 2021, working under the direction of the commune's mayor, Irac Hassler.

How Much Net Worth Does Jeanette Jara Have?  

Jeanette Jara's net worth is estimated to be around $1M - $5M. This is just an estimation based on Jara's profession. 

Michelle Bachelet served as chief of staff at the Ministry of Social Development (MDS), which was then led by Jeanette, during her second administration.

She also worked for the Internal Revenue Service as a tax inspector.

On October 10, 2016, she was appointed Undersecretary of Social Security, succeeding Julia Urquieta, and served until the conclusion of the Bachelet administration in March 2018.

She worked as a lawyer after leaving the government, alternating with classes as an hourly instructor at the University of Santiago, and has been a candidate for a master's degree in public management at the same university since 2019.