Jeff Pelley Wife And Family: Everything To Know About, Where Is He Now?

Jeff Pelley Wife And Family: Everything To Know About, Where Is He Now?

The Prom Night Murders subject Jeff Pelley has a wife and a son.

Jeff Pelley is a man who was convicted of killing his father, stepmother, and two stepsisters in the year 1989. The reason behind his heinous crime is very simple. He murdered his family so that he could attend his high school prom.

Jeff Pelley Wife And Family: Is He Married?

Jeff Pelley is a married guy and has a son, but their identities are unknown as of now.

However, we know that Jeff Pelley went on a Prom Night date with his girlfriend, Darla, on Saturday, April 29, 1989. Soon after the crime, Jeff was sentenced to a 160-year prison sentence

Furthermore, Jeff came from normal family background, consisting of seven people, his father, Robert Pelley, stepmother Dawn, sisters Janel, Jolene, Jessica, and Jacque.

Jeff Pelley Age, Wikipedia Bio And Net Worth

Born on December 10, 1971, Jeff Pelley’s age is 50 years old at the moment.

Jeff Pelley doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile under his name. However, some source has revealed that the real name of Jeff Pelley is Robert Jeffrey Pelley.

Furthermore, Jeff Pelley is from Indiana, the United States. Before serving a sentence, he used to be a computer consultant in Florida. At the age of 17, the teenage guy destroyed four of his family members. 

We know nothing about Jeff Pelley’s net worth as it hasn’t been mentioned in the news portals about it. 

Where Is He Now?

As for now, Jeff Pelley is serving 160-years of a prison sentence for his monstrous act. 

Jeff Pelley was convicted in a Prom Night Family murder case in 1989. He brutally killed his father Robert Pelley, stepmother Dawn, and her daughters Janel and Jolene with a shotgun on a Saturday night with the motive to go on a prom night date after his father, Robert, grounded him.

The case had been idle for quite some time, and the prosecutors had initially denied seeking charges against Jeff as he was living everyday life as a computer consultant in Florida with his wife and son.

However, in 2002, a prosecutor revised the case and decided to charge Pelly with four homicidal cases. Soon after, Jeff Pelley was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on his way back home. Finally, in 2006, the jury decided and claimed Jeff Pelley guilty of the crime, and he was sentenced to 160-years in prison.