Jeff Wittek Accident Reddit Video: Did He Lose An Eye?

Jeff Wittek Accident Reddit Video: Did He Lose An Eye?

Jeff Wittek accident Reddit video has left everyone speechless. His admirers on the platform feel sorry for him.

Wittek is a host of Jeff’s Barbershop. Moreover, he is one of the members of the Vlog Squad.

Jeff Wittek Accident Reddit Video

Jeff Wittek has shared an accident video on Reddit. 

Jeff Wittek Accident Video from r/h3h3productions

Basically, what was seen in the video was that he got swung in an excavator, flung out, and smashed his face.

People on Reddit have been discussing the accident. One of them said that he tried copying one of those backhoe waterskiing videos. However, he supposedly smacked the backbone with his face at full force.

Did Jeff Wittek Lose An Eye?

No Jeff Wittek luckily did not lose an eye.

On June 30, Jeff posted that he’d gone in an accident and broke his face and skull in few places. He even posted photos where we could see the extent of his injuries.

The right part of his face appeared to have several lacerations, and his eyes were swollen, as per Distractify.

However, we’re quite not sure if his accident has anything to do with the Vlog Squad. Many of his fans assumed if he got hurt because of filming the vlog.

Furthermore, Jeff has not elaborated on what exactly happened to him.

What is Jeff Wittek Net Worth?

Jeff Wittek net worth is $1.5 million as per wiki-bio worth. 

The King of Youtube, David Dobrik, and his group of friends make up the Vlog Squad. The group consists of content creators who are willing to do anything for the views. 

Jeff Wittek has recently launched “tell-all” Youtube Documentary Series about meeting David Dobrik. 

However, we cannot assure you how reliable this source is. He has sponsorship deals with top brands like American Express, Old Spice, and McDonald’s. 

Moreover, he also makes money from his Merch’s sale.  Also, being a member of Vlog Squad, Jeff has definitely bagged a huge amount of Net Worth. 

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