Jerry Harris Cheers Arrested: Age, Wiki, Where is He From?

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Jerry Harris Cheers Arrested: Age, Wiki, Where is He From?

Where is Jerry Harris from? Since the news of his arrest swirled up on the web, netizens are going crazy over his detail.

The biggest news for netizens to being their Friday is Jerry Harris’s arrest. The Cheer star who earned national recognization as a TV actor is charged with the production of child sex images. Born in the US, Jerry Harris has earned rose to fame with Netflix’s Cheer.

Name Jerry Harris
Birthday July 14, 1999
Age 21 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Education Navarro College

This popular American TV actor allegedly seduced an underage boy to click some s**ually explicit pictures of the body. A US attorney has claimed so. Moreover, as per court records, this TV actor has admitted enticing an underage boy.

Find out more about Jerry Harris’ age, wiki, arrest. 

10 Facts on Jerry Harris

  1. TV actor Jerry Harris who is originally from Hinsdale, Illinois was arrested on the charges reading child p**nography. As per court reports, Jerry Harris has admitted his crime.
  2. He was arrested on Thursday, 17th of September 2020. Some American twin brothers, aged 14, has claimed that the TV actor has harassed them online.
  3. Originally from Hinsdale, Illinois, Jerry Harris was brought up by his parents in Bolingbrook, Illinois.
  4. He was only 16 years old when his mother died. His mother died of lung cancer. Jerry Harris is now 21 years old. So, now you know his age.
  5. The identity of his father and mother is not public. Also, it is not clear if has got any siblings or not.
  6. If you check his Wikipedia page, he was born on 14 July 1999.
  7. He is a high school graduate. He attended Waubonsie Valley High School. Later, he graduated from Navarro College located in Texas.
  8. Jerry Harris skyrocketed to fame through his appearance on Netflix TV series, Cheer. For his work on Cheer, Jerry as awarded a scholarship at the University of Louisville.
  9. Had he not been arrested and had he not been into misdeeds, Jerry Harris would have a great career as a TV actor.
  10. Aged 21, Jerry Harris is currently single. Also, he has never had a girlfriend to this date.

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