Jessica Hobbs Wins Outstanding Director Emmy Award: Her Age And Net Worth Details

Jessica Hobbs Wins Outstanding Director Emmy Award: Her Age And Net Worth Details

Jessica Hobbs of age 54 is an award-winning director from New Zealand. She is primarily known for her work in Crown. 

Jessica has her hands on various award-winning movies. The split(2018), Appletree yard(2017), Broadchruch(2015), River(2015) are some of her admirable works.

Many people admired her work for the award-winning series The Slap as a lead director. She was awarded the Australian Directors Guild award for her work in Devils Dust.

Jessica was also presented with the Australian Flim Institute award for her work in the mini-series named Answered by FIre.

Let us take a detour about her age, net worth, husband, and social media.

Jessica Hobbs Age

Jessica Hobbs is currently 54 years old.

Although, her full birthdate isn’t public yet. She was born in 1967 in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Her height isn’t public yet.

Jessica Hobbs Wikipedia

Jessica has a Wikipedia bio with little to no information.

She studied acting but didn’t take it as a career option. Jessica started working in a radio drama productions. Jessica moved into films with some experience in this field as an assistant director, An Angel at my table.

After moving to Australia, She directed Heartbreak high and The Slap in the 1990s.

Jessica then started directing the famous series Crown at the beginning of season three. She was nominated for the Emmys Award for directing the season finale of the crown.

She won the Emmys award for her nomination.

Jessica Hobbs Husaband

Jessica Hobbs is married and with her husband, Jonathan Teplitzky.

Jonathan is an Australian writer and director better known for his works “Better than sex,” “Burning Man,” “The Railway Man.”

He was awarded the BAFTA TV award in 1993.

They have a family of four with a daughter and a son between them. However, other personal information about their family isn’t on the web. She hasn’t confirmed any of her details.

Jessica Hobbs Siblings

There isn’t any information regarding Jessica’s siblings.

Jessica hasn’t shared or confirmed having siblings.

We have either Jessica is a single child or information about her siblings is private with the data.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Any trusted sources don’t confirm Jessica Hobbs Net worth.

Jessicas has her hand tight as a lead director in several award-winning shows and movies. Her primary source of income is a lead director.

With all the skills and years of experience, it is believed that her net worth is well above six figures. But Jessica hasn’t confirmed any of the news regarding her net worth.

Jessica Hobbs Facebook

Jessica hasn’t any social media under her own, including Facebook

She is very vocal about staying a private life and isn’t very active in the media.

Jessica hasn’t confirmed any news being on social media.