Singer Joan Baez Husband And Partner: Is She Married?

Singer Joan Baez Husband And Partner: Is She Married?

Is Joan Baez Gay? Her sexuality has once again revived during Pride Month 2021. Find out the details.

Joan’s sexuality has always been the talk of the town alongside her blazing music career.

Many believe that her music career has overshadowed her gender activism; however, the singer has been involved in the scene in the best possible way.

Is Joan Baez Gay?

No, Joan Baez is not gay.

Instead, Baez is a bisexual personality.

She came out as bisexual in 1972, 49 years back in an interview. Similarly, she has always been a prime supporter of LGBTQ rights and dignity and has been named one of the fierce LGBTQ activists.

Besides, she is also a civil rights activist.

Know About Her Partner

There are no details on Joan Baez partner.

She has not revealed any records of her romantic involvement for now.

But back in the years, Joan dated her ex boyfriend Bob Dylan, who also happened to be her musical partner.

The duo had released several duet songs together, including ‘Blowin’ In The Wind.’

Joan Husband: Is She Married?

Joan Baez does not have a husband.

She is not married as of 2021.

But previously, she was married to the American journalist and author David Harris for five years.

The former duo tied their nuptial knot back in 1968, which lasted until 1973.

They welcomed a son named Gabriel Harris in 1969.

Gabriel is a Percussionist and Founder of Rhythm Village.

He often performed in several tours with Joan Baez and many other legendary musicians like The Grateful Dead, Carlos Santana, Babatunde Olatunji, Mickey Hart, and more.

Joan Baez Family

Joan Baez was born into a Latin immigrant family.

She grew up as Latina in New York during the 40s and 50s and became the prey of racial discrimination back then.

Baez was 2 years old in 1943 when the Zoot Suit Riots happened in Los Angeles. It created racist rumors since the riot was against the Latino-Americans.

It was the start of her motivation for her activism.

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