Who Is Jonathan Van Tam Wife Karen?

Karen is known to be the wife of Jonathan Van Tam, Deputy Chief Minister Officer at the Department of Health and Social Care, England. He was appointed to this tole in the October of 2017. Furthermore, Jonathan is known for his colorful metaphors at the Government's coronavirus press conferences. 

Jonathan's wife, Karen, is a former nurse. According to The Independent, he cites Karen as a soundboard for his speeches, in which he intelligently turns the medicine into stories. In fact, he told the news media that he tries out his metaphors on his wife before sharing them with the public. 

Jonathan Van Tam's Children

Jonathan Van Tam and his wife Karen are the parents of three children. The couple lives at home with their two boys. He said that his daughter has left home. 

In an interview with Lincolnshire Pride, Van Tam mentioned how much he loves raising his children in the country. He also talked about his daughter saying that she has left the home and that he is looking forward to a little normality. 

Couple's Age Difference

The couple's age difference is not exactly known. However, we know that Jonathan Van Tam is 57 years old as of now. He was born on February 2, 1964, in Boston, England. 

Jonathan is partial of Vietnamese descent. He had attended Boston Grammar School where his father worked as a teacher. He further studied medicine at the University of Nottingham in 1987. He was awarded a doctorate of medicine DM for a thesis on epidemiology in 2001. 

Jonathan Van Tam Net Worth

Jonathan Van Tam's exact net worth is not known. However, we can guess that his income is a good sum as he is into bureaucracy. 

Van Tam pursued academic training in public health and epidemiology. He developed an interest in influenza and respiratory viruses which results in his today's knowledge about coronavirus.