Juana Ahumada Age, Net Worth And Instagram: Everything On Pedro Rivera Wife And Family

Juana Ahumada Age, Net Worth And Instagram: Everything On Pedro Rivera Wife And Family

Juana Ahumada is a well-known celebrity who has been popular for being Pedro Rivera‘s wife. Well, we cannot find much about her as Pedro has not yet posted anything about her on his social media accounts.

Quick Facts:

Name Juana Ahumada
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Assistant of Pedro Rivera
Married/Single Married
Husband Pedro Rivera (m. 2019)

Talking about her husband, Pedro Rivera is a well-known actor, composer, and producer too. Some of the most popular shows he has appeared in are Escape sangriento, El Inocente, Clave privada, El fiscal de hierro 4, etc. 

10 Facts on Juana Ahumada:

  1. Juana Ahumada’s new husband is 77 years of age but as per her looks, we do not think that she is that old. We believe that she is around her thirties right now.
  2. Well, it’s true that Pedro is quite rich and his net worth is astonishing. But, with the case of Juana Ahumada, we are totally unsure about her profession as well as her net worth.
  3. Although Pedro loves to post pictures of his family on Instagram, he has not yet uploaded a single photo of his new wife Juana Ahumada.
  4. Talking about Juana Ahumada’s maternal family, we are definitely sure that her parents are of the surname of Ahumada. But, their names are currently unavailable.
  5. After Juana’s marriage to Pedro, she automatically became the step-mother of his children Juan Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr., Jenni Rivera, Rosie Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, and Lupillo Rivera
  6. Moreover, you won’t find Ahumada’s bio on Wikipedia but we have come to know from her interview with the presenter Stephanie Himonidis that her current job is Pedro‘s assistant. 
  7. How tall Juana Ahumada? At the moment, we have failed to know how tall Ahumada really is.
  8. Furthermore, she is added to a huge family of Rivera where the actor has around 14 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. 
  9. Speaking more about the couple’s relationship, they were married in the year 2019 and will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary very soon.
  10. Working for Pedro as his assistant, we are pretty much sure that Juana has a great salary but the exact amount is not known currently. 

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