Julia Finkernagel Instagram Presence

Julia Finkernagel has 2.3k Instagram followers under the account @juliafinkernagel. She is a frequent user of social media, where she posts about her interesting adventures and work.

She has always valued her passion for travel, in addition to writing and filming. Her travel adventures have always been conveyed in her work as a writer since 2008.

Learn About Julia Finkernagel Net Worth

Julia Finkernagel's net worth is now believed to be between $1 million and $5 million.

She must really be making a decent living from her successful work to support her family.

Who Is Julia Finkernagel Husband?

Speaking of Julia Finkernagel's husband, she must be a married woman but has not revealed anything about her married life. 

She is working on a new project and writing. Finkernagel appears to enjoy her life and profession.

Julia Finkernagel Age And Wikipedia

Julia Finkernagel's age, based on her Instagram images, is believed to be between 45 and 50 years old.

She was born in the German city of Rhineland and is a graduate of Frankfurt's Academy of Visual Arts.

Finkernagel majored in design and communication and began her career as a manager at Frankfurt Airport and has always had a passion for movies and writing.

Interestingly, she has worked on over 40 documentaries for ARTE, MDR, HR, and KIKA, and has been to 16 countries from Poland to Mongolia.

Furthermore, she's also been a producer for the genealogical documentary series 'Die Spur der Ahnen.' She was in charge of plot selection, research, and production.