Virgil Texas Real Name Is Justin Cass: What Happened To Virgil Texas?

Virgil Texas Real Name Is Justin Cass: What Happened To Virgil Texas?

What is Justin Cass aka Virgil Texas age? The host has been accused of grooming an underage teenager. Continue to know more.

Justin Cass is an American host. According to IMDB, he is known for his roles in movies such as Experimenter (2015) and The Last Day (2008).

Furthermore, he is an ex-host of popular leftist podcast Chapo Trap House.

He co-hosted the show with Briahna Joy Gray, the former press secretary for Sen.

There has been an allegation made upon Virgil Texas, which is getting a lot of attention as of lately. Get to know the reason behind it.

Justin Cass Real Name

Justin Cass is the real name of Virgil Texas.

In May 2021, Chapo Trap House released a statement about Texas.

The statement was about him departing from the podcast “in order to pursue other creative projects.

He had spent more than four years at the company as a host, collaborator, and a producer

What Happened To Virgil Texas?

A Twitter user has accused Virgil Texas of engaging in an inappropriate relationship.

According to the lady on Twitter, Texas dated her when she was only a minor.

The woman’s Twitter account is under the username “Jennifer Seberg”. She had joined the platform only in June 2021.

She tweeted her allegation on Wednesday, June 10, 2021. As per Seberg, she was young back then and did not understand his motive.

Eventually, they became close to each other having more Facetime and got even more closer.

However, Texas lost interest in her and left Seberg traumatized. She blames him for Grooming her that affecter her emotional well-being.

The news about Texas dating a teenager have been circulating online for a while now.

But this is not the first time he has landed in such a situation. His abuse allegation began in the year 2019.

Justin Cass aka Virgil Texas Age

Justine Cass aka Virgil Texas age is in his late 20’s.

For now we do not have know his birthday and astrological details.

Justin Cass Girlfriend

Justine Cass’ current girlfriend is out of reach.

However, there were rumors he dated Jennifer Seberg. Back at the time when she was an underage teenager.

This could lead him to troubles and

Justin Cass Net Worth and Wikipedia

Justine Cass’ net worth is not known.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is also a Writer. Currently, working as a Freelance Social Media Brand Agent for Gawker Media.

Moreover, the profile also mentions he has been working as the director for Rebel Girl NYC since 2013.


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