K Michelle Had A Surgery: Find Her Before And After Pictures

K Michelle Had A Surgery: Find Her Before And After Pictures

What did K Michelle look like before her teeth surgery? We have recently found the pictures.  

Michelle is an American singer and reality TV star. She rose to fame after appearing in the show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Furthermore, she is also popular for openly talking about her surgeries and body modifications.

K Michelle Before Teeth: See Her Face Before After Surgery

Netizens have found K Michelle before teeth pictures and what they are calling dolphin teeth.

Michelle, aka Kimberly Michelle Pate, is a wonderful woman. She is known for her curves and beautiful smile.

It turns out Michelle has done some work a better smile. The claim was first made by her former boyfriend Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, who stated that he made the singer get new teeth.

Soon, people on Twitter started digging her old pictures before her teeth surgery. 

See K Michelle’s face before and after surgery!

Nonetheless, Michelle did not shy away from admitting her procedure.

In fact, she took the matter on Instagram as said, “I love these new teeth!”

K Michelle Nose Job And All Surgery Details To Follow

K Michelle has also done a nose job.

It seems like teeth are not the only surgery that Michelle got.

In fact, she has gone through multiple surgeries to enhance her features.

Previously, Michelle shared all about her butt surgery details that did not go well. 

The singer went through the black market to get the controversial “hydrogel injections” on her butt a few years ago. However, the surgery made her so weak and fragile that she could barely perform on stage.

Following the disaster, Michelle has gone under 4 reconstructive surgeries to undo the procedure. Now, she rocks her natural body. 

She Recently Debuted Her Pink Hair and Tattoos 

K Michelle showed off her pink hair in a recent IG post.

The singer had lushes and thick black hair before. Nonetheless, she got her hair done by celebrity stylist @slaidit.

Michelle also has at least 7 tattoos on her body. Some of them include angels, music notes, and writings. 

There are also rumors that K Michelle has got a facelift. However, others speculate that it might be a heavily contoured face effect.

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