Who Is Karen Hester From Clash Of The Cover Bands? Meet The Dolly Parton Tribute Singer On Instagram

Who Is Karen Hester From Clash Of The Cover Bands? Meet The Dolly Parton Tribute Singer On Instagram

Clash of the Cover Bands’ star and contestant, Karen Hester appears to be in her 40s in age. She is all set to pay tribute to Dolly Parton via the show.

Karen Hester was inclined towards music and theatres since she was young. As a result, she made a career out of it and is still working to entertain her audiences.

Hester is an American performer with roots in both the music and theatre industries. She is on the hype for appearing as a cast of E!’s Clash of the Cover Bands.

Karen Hester From Clash Of The Cover Bands

Karen has already gained a lot of recognition and fan following after she was declared to be on Clash Of The Cover Bands singing show.

From the show, Hester will pay tribute to American icon and legendary country singer, Dolly Parton.

She has already been an official cast of the show and will compete to reach the finals and win the show. If she wins she will take a decent cash prize too.

Karen Hester Age Details

Looking at her pictures, Karen seems to be in the range of 40-50 years old.

Her actual age will not be revealed unless she mentions it on the show, her social media, or to the media. Her real birthday details are off the grid at the moment.

talking about her appearance in the show, she has maintained her body and looks quite young and gorgeous with a curvy physique and a tall height. 

Furthermore, she has American nationality and hails of white ethnic descent. She is a legitimate female and goes by the pronouns she/her.

Karen Hester Wikipedia Details

Karen does not have a Wikipedia bio to this day.

As per multiple articles, her love for the arts emerged in her childhood. Growing up, she became more connected to it and trained herself to perfect her skills over time.

Karen appeared in various musicals and theatre shows. However, she became popular after being featured in the World’s Greatest Tribute band.

Later on, Hester opened for talented artists like Ricky Van Shelton and Trace Adkins. Besides, she held several positions onstage and consulting positions backstage.

Karen Hester On Instagram

Karen recently joined Instagram in May of this year.

She is present on Instagram as @karensdolly. She is slowly gaining attention on Instagram and her fan following is also increasing.

By now, she has obtained exactly 123 followers and has made 22 posts. You can follow her on her Instagram to get updated about her life events.