Kasher Quon's Age and Real Name

Kasher Quon is a 23-year-old man.

Quon was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1997. Every year on June 23rd, he commemorates his birth.

 Yet no additional names have been mentioned in connection with him. So, his true name has yet to be revealed.

Quon's debut mixtape was published when he was 17 years old. Came Up was the title of the song.

Kasher's relatives live in Detroit. However, there is no more information available on them.

Likewise, his girlfriend's identity has remained a mystery.

Kasher's Instagram account has a large number of followers. His Instagram account, @kasherquon, has over 138K followers.

Kasher Quon Net Worth

Kasher Quon's net worth has not been publicly disclosed.

 As a well-known rapper, he may make a lot of money and live a luxurious lifestyle. We can assume this from his Instagram feeds.

Besides, Kasher has so far released three albums. His albums include Scam Likely (2020), Level Up (2019), and Scam Jesus (2018).

Quon has also released over 32 songs and four EPs.

His most well-known song is undoubtedly Dynamic Duo, which features Teejayx6.

On YouTube, it has over 16 million views. Kasher's YouTube channel now has over 45.1K followers.

Kasher Allegedly Scammed Teejayx6 For $30,000!

Kasher is accused of defrauding Teejayx6 for $30,000, according to reports on the internet.

According to a YouTube video describing his fraud, nothing much could be discovered because most of the specifics are still hazy.

However, as per rapper, Teejayx6 was requested to bring $30,000 for a video shoot for their own project. Kasher then grabbed the money he had requested and started shooting.

Oddly, he never returns it to Teejayx6, the rightful owner.

Kasher also added that Teejayx6 was a source of frustration for him because of his lack of engagement in projects and finance, despite having already made over a million dollars.

The Original statement of songwriter Kasher can be seen on SAY CHEESE! YouTube channel.