More On Kathleen Moore Death And Obituary 

34-years-old Kathleen Moore made her last appearance in Pascol County, Florida. Before she went missing, Moore was studying phlebotomy and was planning to start her future as a nurse. 

The deputies have discovered the blood in the clothes from the dumpster that matched with Kathleen. As per them, the blood amount was enough for the suspect to charge Moore's death. 

With that, the young woman who had gone missing was also reported dead. She got last seen waiting for the Uber around her boyfriend's home.  

At present, her family and friends are lighting a candle for her praying for her soul. 

Kathleen Moore Boyfriend Colin Knapp New Port Richey Arrested 

New Port Richey woman Kathleen was announced dead by the deputies. Considering the case, her boyfriend, Colin Knapp, was arrested for her murder. 

Collin, 30-years of age, got charged with second-degree murder for his connection in the killing. Kathleen got seen arguing with her boyfriend before she disappeared. 

As mentioned by the detective Sheriff, they don't have any evidence for now that she left her boyfriend's residence. Further investigation is taking place; to know what happened with the innocent woman. 

Moreover, the suspect got discovered while digging the dirt. And the evidence was enough for him to get charged with murder. 

On top of that, Knapp had a previous history of domestic violence with different women. He also got arrested for nine misdemeanors and ten felonies. 

Kathleen Moore - Was She Found?

Although Kathleen is announced dead, her body has not got discovered yet. The detectives tried their best to find her deceased body but have remained unsuccessful. 

Moreover, they have inquired Knapp about her body, but he seems very cold and has not spoken about it yet. Even so, they are trying to relocate her body in every possible way. 

Her deceased body did not get found for the moment. Hopefully, she might get located in the future. 

At present, her family members are grieving for her death while the detectives are still looking into the case.