Who Was Pregnant Instagram Model Kathlen Romeu? Death And Update

Who Was Pregnant Instagram Model Kathlen Romeu? Death And Update

Kathlen Romeu was an Instagram model. Her morte has left her loved ones shattered.

Professionally, Kathlen was an interior designer. Also, she was the owner of a clothing brand.

On May 8, 2021, the police confirmed her death. Reportedly, she died hours after showing off her bump on Instagram.

Kathlen Romeu Instagram Explored

Kathlen Romeu Instagram username is @eukathlenromeu.

She has gained at least 30.9 thousand followers. She influenced thousands of people online.

As per her Instagram posts, we can confirm that her partner is Marcelo Ramos. Professionally, he is a tattoo artist and graphic designer.

Sadly, the two were expecting a child. According to The Sun, they would name it Maya (if a girl) and Zyon (if a boy).

Everything To Know About Her Morte

Kathlen Romeu morte came after someone shot her in the streets of Lins de Vasconcelos.

Reportedly, she was a pregnant Ig model who was killed by a bullet stray.

Sadly, the unborn also died with her.

Few hours before the incident, she had revealed experiencing telltale signs of pregnancy. The deceased lady was just four months pregnant.

When the shooting started, Kathlen was greeting an aunt. Her grandmother tried to protect her, knowing that she was pregnant.

After witnessing a hole in her arm, her grandmother shouted for help. Later, she was rushed to Salgado Filho Municipal Hospital, where she breathed for the last time.

Her Age Idade Revealed

Kathlen Romeu age or Idade was just 24 years when she died.

At the moment, we have no idea about her birthday details. As per Thelma Assis, the young lady was full of life.

Moreover, she was the daughter of Luciano Gonçalves. However, we have no idea about her mother and siblings.

At the tender idade of 24, Kathlen became a victim of a barbaric shootout. Her grandmother had lost her great-grandson earlier in a similar way.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Romeu’s story has not been portrayed on Wikipedia yet.

Moreover, her biografia is not present on the internet. Hopefully, her family will publish her obituary soon.

Furthermore, Kathlen was of Brazilian nationality. She had been residing in Rio de Janeiro.

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