Know Kathy Hochul Political Views and Net Worth

Kathy Hochul gives her political views adhering to the Democratic Party. She had been a US House of Representatives member in 2011.

Hochul joined as NY Lt Governer in January 2015. She worked under Governor Andrew Cuomo and will be replacing him soon.

Besides, Kathy's net worth is much of a mystery for now. Her earnings details have not been revealed publicly.

What Is Kathy Hochul Religion?

Kathy Hochul follows Christian religion as per Ballotpedia. She is a Catholic leader to be exact.

Hochul was born to her parents John Courtney and Patricia Ann Courtney. She was one of six kids of her parents.

Besides, Kathy belongs to the white ethnicity. She grew up in a family that was weak financially at a young age.

Hochul earned a Juris Doctor from Catholic University Columbus School of Law. Previously, she attended Syracuse University.

Kathy Hochul Family - Meet Her Husband Bill Hochul

Kathy Hochul has a family with her husband Bill Hochul. They have two children together.

Hochul and her spouse reside in Buffalo, New York as of now. Their kids are William and Caitlin.

Actually, Bill is also a lawyer. He has served the Western District of New York as a US Attorney. Mr. Hochul was in the position for almost seven years.

Likewise, Bill is the Second Gentleman of New York at the moment. No doubt, he is looking forward to being the First Gentleman on August 24 this year.

Fact Check: Is Kathy Hochul Jewish?

Kathy Hochul is not a Jew. Nonetheless, Hochul is a well-known figure among the Jews in New York.

As a matter of fact, Kathy always worked for the betterment and welfare of Jews in the state. Also, the politician was always concerned with the issues adhering in the community.

In fact, Kathy has always impressed the local Jewish leaders in New York. She regularly holds and attends meetings with the officials in the region to hear their concerns.

Hochul had discussed methods to fight the rise in anti-Semitism with the Jew leaders. To point out, she strongly opposes anti-Semitism in New York.

Likewise, Hochul has gained a detailed understanding of the neighborhood. She visits day schools on a regular basis. Actually, she recently made a trip to such schools in Brooklyn and Queens.

On the other hand, Kathy is a fan of learning about the issues of different groups of people. During the course, she developed a close bond with Jews and the community.

Thus, the Jews from New York will be cheering her for her appointment as the Governor of the state.