What is Got Milk Challenge On TikTok? Katie Ledecky’s Viral TikTok Challenge Explained

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What is Got Milk Challenge On TikTok? Katie Ledecky’s Viral TikTok Challenge Explained

Got Milk Challenge is a pretty amazing challenge on Tik Tok. It involves a glass of milk as you might have already guessed it but it’s a pretty satisfying challenge- especially when people absolutely nail the challenge. The challenge was first introduced by Katie Ledecky- The Olympic world champion swimmer.


It’s an all new freestyle for the ##gotmilkchallenge! What can you do without spilling a drop? ##gotmilk ##ad 🏊🏻‍♀️

♬ got milk challenge – got milk?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the video for the first time. Maybe it’s because I can’t swim and I see another person swim and balance a glass of chocolate milk across the swimming pool and not spill even a drop of it. She asked people what they could do without spilling a drop of milk and people started responding. Some danced, some did exercises, and posted their videos on Tik Tok.

Katie Ledecky – Got Milk Challenge

Katie Ledecky has a Tik Tok account where she originated Got Milk Challenge. She has 31 thousand followers which is not a huge number but her video was so catchy and adventurous that it was enough to start a new challenge. However, I have to cut her some slack because she has garnered 31 thousand followers just by posting one video on Tik Tok.

Katie filmed the challenge spectacular way. She swam a little distance by grabbing the milk glass by her hand and then let go of the glass. She maintained the spectacular form and swam straight without spilling even a drop. In the caption, she had asked people to show what they could do.

@justmaiko posted this video on his Tik Tok account in response to the video and he was pretty smooth at the challenge.


Thankful TikTok is still here so I can keep doing what I love. This is how I glide n moonwalk with zero spill – whatchu got?🤪🕺##gotmilkchallenge ##ad

♬ got milk challenge – got milk?

Justmaiko moonwalked without spilling the milk and that was a pretty cool response to the challenge.

TikTok: Got Milk Challenge Explained

There are lots of things written about the Got Milk challenge on the internet. Videos with #gotmilk hashtags have so far garnered 54.3 million views on Tik Tok. It’ really popular. There are different kinds of videos that have used this hashtag. 

The most popular type of video is balancing a glass of milk while doing some athletic stuff like dancing or swimming. However, there are some people just spilling milk all over themselves for the sake of the views.


milKY MilKY ##gotmilk

♬ patrick type beat by jvst x – .hacky

I would have to say that I don’t think this one is that cool because it’s not cool or praiseworthy. All I see is a person bathing with milk and making a fool of themselves. Having said that, humor is subjective and it’s okay if some people like these kinds of videos.

Sponsorship From Got Milk

You would be surprised to know that this video actually was sponsored by Got Milk- an advertising campaign that started in the ’90s encouraging Americans to buy milk. In the early 90s, this trend began to catch up and you can see this video to know all about this advertising campaign.

Now, even after 25 years, the advertising campaign is still going strong and evolving constantly. As social media has taken over the world, it’s a very smart idea to make a Tik Tok challenge of Got Milk. After all, it became famous and that’s what the advertising campaign aims to do.

The Got Milk ad campaign started when some woman said that the only time she remembered about milk is when she ran out of it. So, the company caught that pulse and made an advertising campaign out of that.


that didn’t quite work out as planned😂 what is something you could do without spilling? ##GotMilkChallenge ##milkmeansmore

♬ got milk challenge – got milk?

Some of the challenges are not so perfect but that’s because not all people are Olympic medalists. It’s having fun that matters the most. Go ahead and make a video for yourself. Get a glass of milk and let loose!!

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