Who is Momfluencer Aka Katie Sorensen? Everything To Know

Who is Momfluencer Aka Katie Sorensen? Everything To Know

Who is Kate Sorensen Husband? She has been in a big scam about her children’s attempted kidnapping. 

Sorensen is an American Instagram influencer and an entrepreneur who went viral over the web last December.

She co-owns a small business called Finn Bibs and also runs Motherhood Essentials, which sells mother and baby essentials online.

Learn everything about her kidnap charges and the details of her arrest.

Kate Sorensen Husband And Children

Kate Sorensen is a married woman with a husband.

However, the information regarding her husband’s identity is unavailable.

Nonetheless, Kate claimed it was her husband whom she called after the kidnappers followed her and the children.

Furthermore, the couple is blessed with 3 children (2 sons and a daughter) as per Daily Mail.

Her Momfluencer Video

Kate Sorensen aka Mominfluencer video with kidnapping charges had gone viral.

She had posted 2 videos on her personal Instagram handle claiming a Latino couple was trying to kidnap her children while she was shopping.

Kate had also informed the police regarding the incident. As per the source, the couple she alleged were identified as Eduardo and Sadie Vega- Martinez, parents of 5 children.

After a brief investigation, the cops have concluded the case as a matter of false accusations and racial profiling.

Her Arrest Details

Katie Sorensen faces arrest with 6 months in jail.

After her accusations to a Latino couple, the cops investigated the matter briefly and found no supporting evidence for her accusations. However, the evidence of the Latino couple being innocent was found through cc-tv camera footage.

She now faces 2 misdemeanor charges, each carrying a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail.

Is She On Instagram Now?

Yes, she is on the Instagram platform in 2021.

However, her personal handle through which she posted the accusation video is now deleted.

Nonetheless, her business account @motherhoodessentials is active.

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