Who is Eric McClure Fiance Keira Brinegar Tibbs?

Who is Eric McClure Fiance Keira Brinegar Tibbs?

Keira Brinegar Tibbs is devasted after the death of her fiance Eric McClure. Stay with the article to find out more about Keira.

Keira Brinegar Tibbs is the fiance of American stock car racing driver Eric McClure.

Eric passed away on May 2, 2021, at the age of 42 years. McClure mostly raced in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and made more than 300 starts with NASCAR.

Tibbs announced the news of Eric McClure’s death on her Facebook account. Further details about Eric’s death are currently private. As per People, Eric McClure’s autopsy is still pending. Many of Eric McClure’s fans and followers have taken Twitter to express their deep condolences to the family.

Keira Brinegar Tibbs: Eric McClure Fiance’s Age

Keira Brinegar Tibbs age might be in the late 30s.

Keira Tibbs has two children and often posts their pictures on her social media accounts. Keira Brinegar Tibbs and Eric McClure got engaged on September 18, 2020.

Eric McClure was previously married to Miranda from 2004 to 2018 and they had seven daughters together. 

Meet Keira Brinegar Tibbs On Facebook

Keira Brinegar Tibbs is active on Facebook since April 2013.

Keira Brinegar Tibbs posted about the news of Eric McClure’s death and confirmed it on her Facebook account.

Eric, I will love you until my last breath….please wait for me until then.
I love you more

Posted by Keira Brinegar Tibbs on Sunday, May 2, 2021

Besides Facebook, Keira is also active on Instagram with 699 followers and 130 posts. Keira Tibbs uploaded several pictures of Eric after his death on her Facebook account.

Brinegar uploads several pictures of her family and children on her social media accounts.

Is Keira Brinegar Tibbs On Wikipedia?

Keira Brinegar Tibbs is not on Wikipedia.

One can read about Keira on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. But her fiance Eric McClure has a Wikipedia page that details his racing career and motorsports career.

Talking about her career, Keira Brinegar Tibbs is a Dental Assistant at Brown Dental Associated PC. Keira is also a makeup artist and works at LimeLife by Alcone Independent Beauty Guide.

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