Has Kelvingts Revealed His Face? Meet The Youtuber On Instagram

Has Kelvingts Revealed His Face? Meet The Youtuber On Instagram

Has Kelvingts done a face reveal? His fans are eager to find out his face and real name as he has not revealed both of them to the public.

Kelvingts is best known as an online gamer who is widely known on YouTube where he makes videos on the game called Roblox.

His fans enjoy his Anime Fighting Simulator, Shindo life, Anime Mania, Blox fruits, and any anime gameplays that are on Roblox.

He actively creates content on Youtube mostly related to gaming on his YouTube channel named WTH Kelvingts. 

Has Kelvingts Done A Face Reveal?

Kelvingts finally revealed his face to his fans on 500,000 subscribers’ special stream.

He ended the long wait of his fans and showed his face on one of his streams. He uses an animation character as his profile photo on all his social media sites.

However, most of his Wikipedia details are also unknown except for his nationality which has been discovered to be Asian-American mixed.

Other than Roblox he also plays Pokemon, Cat Quest, Minecraft and he even plays Pokemon games in Roblox too. He is quite popular on Youtube.

What Is Kelvingts’ Age?

Kelvingts’s age has not been discovered yet. He is probably 25- 30 years.

Not much is available about his biography including his age, place of birth, education, and early life career. He has hidden all his personal info.

Although the Youtuber had answered some of his fan’s questions on his face reveal video, he did not open about his face.

The only information available about his personal life matter is he is dating his girlfriend named Sasa who is also a Roblox player.

Kelvingts Real Name Revealed

The real name of the user of Kelvingts has been revealed to be Kelvin.

However, his full name has not been published yet as he has not mentioned his name on any of his social media accounts as of now.

Kelvin currently has more than 732k subscribers on his Youtube channel which is a big deal in the gaming community.

Likewise, he must have made some hefty net worth through his gaming career and Youtube channel as he is very active on the Youtube platform.

Find Kelvingts On Instagram

Kelvingts is also popular on Instagram just like on Youtube.

He is available on Instagram under the username @kelvingts7. He has revealed his real name on the bio section of his Instagram account.

He has made a total of 126 posts on his Instagram account as of now and is followed by more than 8K followers.

He posts a lot of pictures of his dog which proves that he loves his dog very much.