Who Is Kenneth Barlis From Project Runway Season 19? Meet The Fashion Designer On Instagram

Who Is Kenneth Barlis From Project Runway Season 19? Meet The Fashion Designer On Instagram

Kenneth Barlis is set to participate in the 19th season of Project Runway. The fashion designer has built a lot of hype around him. Learn more about him.

Kenneth Barlis is a fashion designer and a contestant in the upcoming fashion-related show called Project runway.

Project Runway, the honor-winning piece of clothing plan series, is back for one more energizing after eighteen extraordinary seasons.

Up to 16 fashion originators will battle for a spot in New York Fashion Week and a portion of $250,000 in sponsorships.

Kenneth Barlis, the originator of KB School of Fashion, is one of the architects to look out for in this season.

Project Runway Kenneth Barlis Age

Kenneth Barlis age is 32 years old, based on the details on his Instagram, as he was born on 1st December, 1989.

He was born and raised in Zamboanga and is a fashion designer who found his niche line for fashion at a turning point in his life at the age of 17.

Kenneth arrived in California in 2005 and enrolled at San Diego Mesa College, where he studied health sciences at first. Later on, he devoted his energies to fashion. 

Kenneth Barlis completed his first bridal and evening gown collection in 2010 due to his passion for fashion. Kenneth Barlis’ collection is synonymous with signature and intricate layering, exquisite attention to detail, and a whimsical approach to style and luxury.

Kenneth Barlis Wikipedia

Kenneth Barlis Wikipedia does not have a Wikipedia biography despite his work for various popular brands and celebrities.

However, we can find his short bio on Bravo Tv Website. In terms of fashion, he uses a clean, modern, bold, and intelligent style.

Barlis grew up in a military base in Mindanao, where he graduated as his high school valedictorian. One year before completing a registered nurse degree, he decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a fashion designer in America.

Kenneth has collaborated with several notable artists, including Carrie Underwood, Kelani, Offset, and others. In 2018, he established the KB School of Fashion, a modelling school that prepares models for pageants and catwalk events.

Over the last year, Kenneth has been busy producing KB masks. They were being given to local hospitals in San Diego to generate money for the pandemic’s victims.

He is also competing in season 19 of Project runway which is set to premiere on October 14th.

Kenneth Barlis Networth

Kenneth Barlis exact Networth has not been figured yet but he might have earned as much as sum equals 100 thousand million dollars.

Any trustworthy sources have not disclosed Kenneth’s net worth. 

He has also teamed up with exceptional craftsmen together with carrier underwood, Kelani, offset and others.

In 2018 he arranged the KB college of style, a displaying college that will get prepared fashions for the reveal for reveals and catwalk events.

We can see his work in music videos and at the Golden Globe Awards. In project runway, he is eyeing to win 250, 000 dollar value price.

Kenneth Barlis Instagram

Kenneth Barlis is active as @kenneth.barlis with significantly increasing fans followers with 1261 on his platform.

He displays his designer clothes display on various fashion weeks.

However, many renowned celebrities are seen wearing fashion designer clothes at various events.

He features his designer brands as a highlight in his Instagram profile.