King Buzzo New Album 2020: Gift Of Sacrifice, Tour Dates, and Songs

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King Buzzo New Album 2020: Gift Of Sacrifice, Tour Dates, and Songs

King Buzzo had made an announcement that for his new album in 2020, he is collaborating with Trevor Dunn. And, this has created excitement amongst his fans who have been waiting for his new solo album for quite a while. For those of you who know little of Dunn, he is the bassist of the rock band, Mr. Bungle.

The magic that these two geniuses are about to bring in King Buzzo’s new album entitled Gift Of Sacrifice has been highly anticipated. As a result, their fans might want to get every detail of the album, Gift Of Sacrifice, starting from its tour dates and songs in this album. So, let’s jump right into it.

King Buzzo New Album 2020: Gift Of Sacrifice

Ever since it came to be known, King Buzzo’s new album of the year 2020, Gift Of Sacrifice has got fans waiting for its release. And, since Mr. Bungle’s bassist, Trevor Dunn is in it, people have not been more excited than this before.

As you might be aware, this is King Buzzo’s second solo album. Prior to this one, he had his first solo album released in the year 2014. And, the Gift of Sacrifice is actually a follow-up on his first album entitled This Machine Kills Artist.

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So, after a wait of almost five years, his new album was set to release on the 15th of May. But, sadly, the release dates have been delayed and it will now be available for streaming from the 14th of August. 

Details on Tour Dates of King Buzzo

Previously, the tour dates of King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn was announced to commence from the 13th of May all the way to the 6th of July. Beginning from Palm Springs, his tours were to take place in Long Beach, San Diego, Tucson, and more.

But, the COVID-19 kind of delayed his tour as well. So, for now, his new updated tour dates are yet to be announced officially. Until then, keep safe, and don’t forget to stream his new album, Gift Of Sacrifice on the 14th of August. GIven the whole situation, that’s all one can do right now.


Find Out About The Songs In The New Album

The total number of songs in his new solo album is 9.

Songs with titles, ‘Mental Vomit’, ‘Housing, Luxury, Energy’, and ‘I’m Glad I Could Help’ are on this album. Along with this, ‘Delayed Clarity’, ‘Junkie Jesus’, ‘Science in Modern America’, etc. are other songs you will be getting to hear in this album.

In addition to these six songs, the rest of them are ‘Bird Animal’, ‘Mock She’, and ‘Acoustic Junkie’. So, these are the list of songs that you can stream from Gift Of Sacrifice.

And, regarding the artwork of the album, the credit goes to King Buzzo’s wife, Macki Osborne since she is a graphic designer.


His Real Name is Roger “Buzz” Osborne

He goes by his stage name “King Buzzo” so often that a few people might not know his real name. He is actually Roger Osborne, the founding member of the band, Melvins. Born on 25 March 1964, he is of age 56 years old.


He is an avid dog lover and has brought home rescued dogs. And, coming to his children, he has none as it has been known that he didn’t want to have any. Talking about his social media presence, he is active on Instagram.

However, instead of photos of his own, he posts photos of other musicians. And, a lot of his Instagram posts are of his dogs that he shares with his 69.7 thousand followers.

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