Who is Kristin Marino? Facts To Know About The Tiktok Star

Who is Kristin Marino? Facts To Know About The Tiktok Star

Kristin Marino is a famous content creator who is famous for her hilarious videos on TikTok. The social media star has amassed millions of views on the internet platform, and her fans are curious to know more about her details.

Kristin might have started to use social media for fun, but she has become one of the famous content creators and fashion icons on TikTok and Instagram.

She even took advantage of her fame and started her talent management company that helps people with branding and partnerships for new businesses looking forward to becoming famous.

Kristin Marino Age And Height

Kristin is currently 23 years old of age.

She was born on November 5, 1997, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Marino has not disclosed her exact height, but she seems to have the average height for a woman.

The blonde beauty possesses a model-like figure which and often photographed in an alluring look on her Instagram posts. 

Kristin Marino Job

Kristin Marino has created a job for herself by founding Recapture Entertainment and her boyfriends and a few of her friends.

The social media influencer started the company after she gained fame for her passion for beauty and fashion on her social media sites.

Kristin’s company works to help people with the branding and content creation necessary for today’s technological time. Her team includes fellow social media influencers like her boyfriend and other friends.

Kristin Marino Boyfriend

Kristin is currently dating her boyfriend, Noah Schnacky.

Noah is a singer and also a social media influencer who has his fanbase. The singer has over 4 million followers on his TikTok account.

Apart from being business partners, Schnacky often appears on her TikTok videos, which are well responded to by her fans. The duo hasn’t revealed the initial stage of their relationship but often shower each other with love on their IG pages.

Kristin Marino Parents

Kristin Marino has not revealed much about her parents despite being a social media icon herself.

But judging by her post, her father passed away when she was a little girl. Kristin’s father was a fireman who died on September 11, 2001, after his truck was crushed by debris after the crash.

Marino has a younger brother who was also present with her and their mother when their father lost his life. The TikToker often remembers her father on the anniversary of the 911 attack and posts a heartfelt caption for him. 

Find Kristin On Instagram

Kristin is on Instagram as @kristinn_marino and has over 113 thousand followers.

Marino frequently shares images of her fun-filled social life with her boyfriend and friends. She has to travel a lot and have glamorous photoshoots for her content that gets thousands of likes.