Is AFL Lachie Henderson Married?

AFL Lachie Henderson is yet to get married to Rebecca Klodinsky.

However, the couple shares a special bond together. They are quite adorable.

The couple has spilled their romantic beans all over the public domain. Therefore, we can imagine the couple is likely to exchange vows in the years to come. 

Toned to perfection, Lachie and Rebecca seem perfect with each other like never before.

After getting together for more than 2 years, Klodinsky says she and Hendo and her toddler are flourishing in hub life.

Moreover, they don't have children. The couple has not even been linked to having kids rumors.

It’s been around the same time the Cats started seeing Henderson play the career-best season.

Get To Know His Family

Lachie Henderson's family includes his parents, his father Ian Henderson, and his mother Vonnie Henderson.

As for parental information, his parents owned a veterinary clinic for decades, treating pets and farm animals at all hours of day and night. He even jokingly mentions the late-night calls from farms with sick animals or pregnant cows when he is away.

His father, Ian, reveals that Lachie never liked getting into the family business. 

Lachie Henderson Wife Or Partner: Meet Rebecca Klodinsky

Lachie Henderson soon to be wife or partner is Rebecca Klodinsky.

Well, Lachie's beloved girlfriend Rebecca Klodinsky is a well-celebrated Australian fashion designer.

Klodinsky's swimwear line IIXIIST has also been worn by high-profile celebrities across the globe.

After launching IIXIIST, which was renamed Frankie Swin in December 2013, her brand became an international success.

DailyMail also reveals that Klodinsky's brands had an affiliation with the Kardashian family for which Henderson could not help but boast her.

Rebecca's swimwear has been worn by the likes of Bella Hadid, and even Rihanna. 

The AFL WAG and fashion designer, Rebecca Jane Klodinsky once pleaded guilty to stealing an iPhone 6 during a dispute over damage to her Porsche.