Where Is Laura Ingraham Going?

On weeknights, Laura Ingraham presents the Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel. It is a conservative news and commentary show that premiered in 2017.

On the show, Laura and guests discuss the day's most pressing issues, events, and challenges.

Laura went to Dartmouth College after graduating from high school in 1981 and relocated to New Hampshire. Ingraham earned a B.A. from a prestigious Ivy League research university in 1985.

Laura worked as a writer and manager for the Dartmouth Review, a conservative student publication while obtaining her degree at Dartmouth.

She began her career as a speechwriter for the Reagan administration in the 1980s. She was also a news editor for another conservative student magazine, The Prospect.

Laura Ingraham Face Surgery Update

Laura Ingraham's face has evolved a lot in recent years, and she no longer looks like she did when she first started out. Laura now has a longer, aperture-like face with sculpted cheekbones and down-swindled cheeks.

Ingraham has always denied any claims of a pertinent procedure, which supporters claim she must have had in the last few years.

Despite the fact that she tells outright lies, the alterations and modified distinctive traits speak for themselves. She was recently rumored to have had a face uplift procedure known as a 'Rhytidectomy' in medical language.

Similarly, Laura appears to have chiseled and sharpened the side borders in order to create a better and smoother muscle run and minimize wrinkles.

Fans were able to notice the somewhat emotionless quality she now possessed. Laura's prior wide jawline has been trimmed to sharp edges and slimmer changes, giving her a more youthful, but false, appearance.

Laura Ingraham- Why Is She Alabama Fan?

Laura Ingraham, a nationally renowned radio broadcaster and Fox News contributor from Connecticut who is possibly the most improbable Alabama football fan in the country, is in the state this weekend for the Bama-Mississippi State game.

However, before traveling to Tuscaloosa, Ingraham stopped in Birmingham to speak at an Alabama Policy Institute luncheon. Ingraham began by describing her passion for Alabama football.

Her mother thought that Bear Bryant's devotion to hard labor, service, and love of country meant that he "represented the best of America," thus they would always watch the games on television when she was growing up in Connecticut.