Leon Jacob Wikipedia Dateline – Where Is Valerie McDaniel Murderer Today?

Leon Jacob Wikipedia Dateline – Where Is Valerie McDaniel Murderer Today?

Leon Jacob Wikipedia has not been prepared yet. Read this artifact to know about the latest episode of Dateline.

Professionally, Leon is the president and CEO at Company NameLeon Jacob MD PLLC. Reportedly, he is a successful surgeon and businessperson.

Even today, his LinkedIn states that he works at the Methodist Hospital as their transplantation surgeon. The doctor had received his MD from St. George’s University.

Leon Jacob Wikipedia Explored

Leon Jacob’s story hasn’t been written on Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, his entire case has been explained on The Cinemaholic. Reportedly, Leon has been charged with two counts of capital murder.

Moreover, his parole eligibility date is on March 10, 2047. Clearly, he has to be in jail for 30 years, no matters what.

Actually, he has been sentenced to life. Nevertheless, the 44-years-old offender is eligible to meet his visitors.

Leon Jacob Story On Dateline Explained

A recent episode of Dateline features Leon Jacob’s tale of love.

The story begins in January 2017 when his girlfriend, Meghan Verikas leaves him. However, Leon didn’t want a break-up.

So, he decided to harass his former partner using derogatory names. Reportedly, he continued scaring her until he decided to kill her one day.

He met an army vet named Zach and offered him $5,000, a laptop, and two Cartier watches. However, the vet bailed with the money and Leon had to track him down.

Later, an official called Javier undercovered a hitman. With his assistance, the officials confirmed that he was planning to kill both Meghan and Mack McDaniel.

Fortunately, the plan was foiled and the lives were saved. Indeed, Jacob was arrested and sent to jail.

Everything About Leon Jacob Family

Leon Jacob was born to an American family.

Moreover, he is from Houston, Texas. Spending time at the prison, Leon gets to talk to his mother.

Reportedly, he described the beauty of the reporter who came to interview him. In fact, he compared her to Mack’s former wife, Valerie McDaniel.

Furthermore, Valerie and his mother were neighbors. Thanks to his medical profession, Jacob has arranged a high-rise apartment for his family.

Is Leon Jacob Valerie McDaniel Murderer?

Leon Jacob is not Valerie McDaniel’s murderer.

According to ABC News, Valerie died after jumping off her seventh-floor balcony. Reportedly, she was supposed to appear on the court the next day.

Two days earlier, on March 25, 2017, she had made a video stating that she would never hurt anyone. So, rumors are saying Leon had murdered her for some reason.

Where Is Leon Today?

Today, Leon Jacob is at A. M. “Mac” Stringfellow Unit.

Previously, he was held at the Harris County Jail. Moreover, he had also served his time at the Wynne Unit.

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