Who Is Les Elias Wife? Find About Joe Antoun’s Former Business Partner

Who Is Les Elias Wife? Find About Joe Antoun’s Former Business Partner

Les Elias’ wife’s details are not mentioned on the internet. He is the former business partner of Joe Antoun. Read this article to learn about him.

Joe Antoun was the former business partner of Les Elias, who was shot dead at the front door of his own home; it was recorded in the front door CCTV of his home. A man in a white dress came at the door and shot him dead on the spot.

It is said that Elias is involved in the case, but not no official proof is found, and the case is still open. 

Who Is Les Elias Wife?

Les Elias’ wife’s details and bio-data are yet to surface on the internet. 

Neither has he talked about his partner, neither we know if he is married or not. Mr. Elias hasn’t shared his personal life details with the media, and it seems he is hiding somewhere out of the country after his friend was shot dead.

We are unable to gather his personal information, including his wife, partner, and family members. There is no clue about his family members.

Les Elias Wikipedia

Les doesn’t have his own Wikipedia bio page. 

Neither many articles have covered his biography as he seems to hide his personal details from the media and public. 

He is in the news after his business partner Joe Antoun was dead. This is the case of November 2016. Joe was gunned down on the doorstep of his home in front of his horrified family on December 16, 2013.

On the CCTV, it is recorded that a man knocked on the door of Mr. Antoun’s Strathfield home and shot the victim & then ran from the scene. Joe was at home with his wife at 9.35 pm.

Joe’s wife asked the person who is he, the person said, “It’s Adam. I’ve got a package for Joe.” And when Joe opened the door, he was shot multiple times and was dead at the scene.

After receiving a contract to kill the debt collector, Farhad Qaumi and his brother Mumtaz were cited for ordering a shooter to shoot Mr. Antoun. It is said that Elias hired them, and the one that shot Joe was sentenced in 2016, where we don’t have information about another one.

Les Elias Age: How Old Is He?

Les Elias’ age is not known. His partner was 50 years old when he died six years ago.

So, Les might be around his partner’s age and currently might be around 45-55 years old. 

Find His Net Worth

Currently, we are unable to track the net worth of Elias. 

Mr. Elias has agreed to purchase Mumtaz Qaumi’s poorly performing business Erina Kebab House for $190,000 with a $40,000 deposit. This was despite the fact the business had previously been advertised for sale on the online website Gumtree for just $25,000.

So, he has a net worth in the millions.

Where Is He Today?  

It is found that Les Elias is currently in the Philippines, as per the reports.

After Joe was shot, he fled to the Philippines and has refused to return to Australia until the murder trial was over. 

“He is not prepared to come back to Australia until this trial is over?” Mr. McKay, Crown Prosecutor, asked Sen-Constable McAneny, Detective Senior-Constable.

“Yes,” he replied.