Les McKeown Wife: Was He Gay?

Les McKeown Wife: Was He Gay?

Was Les McKeown Gay? The Scottish singer has passed away leaving his fans and family devastated. 

Les McKeown, who was best known for his band, Bay City Rollers is no more with us. The singer and musician met his demise on April 20 at the age of 65. He was one of the most popular singers back in the 70s and will be remembered forever for his songs. 

Was Les McKeown Gay?

Les McKeown’s career circled around with the rumors of him being gay. 

And to some extent, the singer has confessed to those rumors as well. He has addressed that those rumors were true and he has been involved with both men and women. 

Despite everything, he had a healthy relationship with his wife and children. So, Les McKeown was gay or rather said bisexual. The singer confessed to those rumors rather late in his career which was completely understandable as gay people were treated differently back then. 

Les McKeown Wife and Partner

Les McKeown was married to his wife of four decades, Peko Keiko. 

Even though the rumors of him being gay were hovering around, his wife never left his side. They first met in 1978 and had been together ever since.

At a time, they were on the verge of separating, however, the couple managed to save their relationship finally. They were married for around 44 years. 

Speaking of his family, the musician had a son with his wife. His name is Jubei. 

Les McKeown Cause of Death: How did he die?

Les McKeown’s cause of death is unknown for the time being. 

According to the statement posted by his family, the musician died suddenly in his home. So the actual cause of his death remains under review for now. 

Les McKeown was the lead singer of the 70s boyband, Bay City Roller. He had a net worth of over $10 million. 

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