How Did Actress Libertad Leblanc Die? Cause Of Death Revealed

How Did Actress Libertad Leblanc Die? Cause Of Death Revealed

Libertad Leblanc’s Wikipedia is buzzing around quite as the actress suffered death last night at 83. Get some of her updates below!!

Libertad was a retired Argentine film actress.

Notably, she got fame for her roles in several erotic movies.

Libertad Leblanc Biografia: Is she on Wikipedia?

Leblanc’s Wikipedia page brings some light to her biografia.

She was born on the 24th of February, 1938, in Rio Negro Province, Argentina. She was living in her hometown lately after selling her house in Spain.

She made her name in Argenta mainly due to her appearance in many adult movies. A few of them were controversial too. 

Libertad wanted the females to be free, and thus she was ready for serving the role she was imposed upon. She was having the peak of her career during the 60s and early 70s.

Acosada (1964), La Endemoniada (1968) are some of the movies starred by Leblanc, which the critics say presents extreme nudity and controversies.

She had begun her career as a model. Likewise, she joined the film industry to pursue her dream to be a top actor, which she ultimately achieved to some extent.

Libertad Leblanc Cause of Death: How Did She Die?

Leblanc’s cause of death was pneumonia.

During recent days, she had intensive care at the Rivadavia Hospital. However, her daughter arranged a homestay this Thursday. Unfortunately, she left the world at her home.

For many days, she was provided advanced health services all the day by nurses. Her health was at serious risk, and she was holding her breath with aids from medical equipment.

Libertad was suffering from heart problems for years. A couple of years ago, she was hospitalized as she encountered a severe heart condition. The people around her say she never became well after that.

Libertad Leblanc Familia

Leblanc’s family included her daughter.

She had married Leonardo Barujel, a TV producer. Later she divorced him. After that, no affairs or relationship rumors about her were heard publicly.

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